Monday, 20 June 2011

npower teams up with Kevin Keegan for No Power Hour

npower has announced it will work with Kevin Keegan to help football fans save energy in Sunderland.

Former Newcastle boss Kevin Keegan will visit the city to encourage families to spend an hour doing something fun that doesn't involve using electricity.

He believes a football kick-about is the perfect way to get fit and help the environment at the same time.

Kevin Keegan said: "The No Power Hour is designed to get kids and parents off computers and get them out for an hour after switching everything off.

"We're in Sunderland first then in a couple of weeks up in Leeds - it's a fantastic set-up we've got.

"We're not saying you can replace technology, it's here forever. What we're saying is sometimes you've got to switch it off and spend a bit of time with your kids - and you can do it together.

"You can do things that will become a lot of fun for you. What happened to making kites and things like that?

"What we're saying is come out and just do something with your kids, the things you do that are great fun and cost nothing except the effort to get out the house and go somewhere."

Children and parents can join Keegan's master class at Seaburn Recreation Park where he will display football skills they can practise together in back gardens, on playing fields, at the beach, the sports centre, the park and even in the living room using no power.

Children can also get involved on the Climate cops, where they can download a mission chart, to keep track of the activities they participate in.

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