Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Radflek Radiator Reflectors – your way to a warmer winter

With forecasts of a harsh winter and increasing utility bills, we’re all looking for ways to save energy and keep our homes warm. Radflek’s revolutionary radiator reflectors are a cost effective and easy way to do this.

Many radiators waste about 40 per cent of their heat through the wall behind, but this can be easily redirected back into the room with Radflek. Radflek is quick and easy to fit - no sticking, gluing or radiator removal required as is the case with other radiator panels– Radflek just hangs from the wall brackets, reflecting the heat back into the room, and the savings start straight away. No DIY know-how needed – anyone can do it.

Michael Watson, CEO of Radflek said: “Forecasters are predicting another severe British winter, with snow expected from next month. Many homes could be so much warmer without using more energy or making any changes to your heating system. Using Radflek will help you save energy, cut your heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint.”

How it works
Because Radflek reflects heat back into the room (primarily into the radiator) the radiator will maintain its operating temperature using less energy with a lower load on the boiler. Radflek has a special laminate coating that maintains its greater than 95 per cent reflectivity for a certified lifetime of at least 60 years. Unlike radiator panels, Radflek is made from a high-tech laminated foil and is the most efficient radiator reflector available on the market, at least 23 per cent more effective than saw-toothed or louvered radiator panels.

How to buy it
Radflek is available for sale at and through other online eco-retailers. It is regularly in the top 10 best-selling DIY products on Amazon and comes in 6, 10 and 20 radiator packs (based on a typical sized radiator) with all the accessories required for installation. Each sheet of Radflek is 600mm x 1200mm and sufficient for 2 typical sized radiators. The prices on (exclusive of P & P) are:
· 6 radiator pack £12.99
· 10 radiator pack £19.99
· 20 radiator pack £34.99

Depending on the wall and the heating energy source, Radflek can pay for itself in six to twelve months.

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