Tuesday, 24 January 2012

WJ King helps dig a well in India

Top regional brewer, Sussex-based WJ King, has joined forces with local charity Drop4Drop to help provide clean drinking water in a village in India.

WJ King has committed to building a well in a village called the 'Mulla Community'. It has a population of 1,032 people and is based in East Goddavari, Andhra Pradesh, India.

WJ King will provide one litre of clean drinking water to this village for every bottle of WJ King bottle conditioned real ale they sell during all of 2012. Water or brewing liquor is fundamental to the quality of beer and with this in mind it seemed like a good match.

Ian Burgess, Head Brewer at WJ King commented "It seemed like an obvious connection, we will use approximately 5 pints of water for every pint of WJ King real ale we make and yet there are people in the world without a drop to drink.

"WJ King is very committed to supporting its wider community, both at home and abroad and the sponsorship of the well for the Mulla Community represents the 50th community sponsorship undertaken since Ian became head brewer in 2010.

"We are very proud of our efforts to improve the quality of life for those in need and with the massive growth we have enjoyed over the last 20 months since taking over at WJ King, it will not be long before the well is complete and we can look to further projects with Drop4Drop."

With a 200 year tradition of brewing some of the most respected and enjoyed Sussex ales, WJ King has evolved into a new style of micro brewery, using only the finest natural and local ingredients and traditional brewing techniques to produce the finest quality local ales.

Visit www.kingbeer.co.uk to find out where to taste the new beer.

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