Tuesday, 26 June 2012

As London Olympics get underway, don’t waste energy, says green provider

Whilst major sporting events can be energy intensive with activities such as travelling, setting up and maintaining temporary environments, the impact from people at home tuning into the game can also have a dramatic effect on energy consumption.

Doug Stewart, CEO of green energy uk, said: “With the London Olympics about to start, it’s definitely a recipe for increased domestic energy consumption. However, there are simple ways to go green and reduce our usage by making a conscious effort. Sitting down watching an event on the TV means not using any energy keeping warm and it may be tempting, especially with the tempestuous UK weather, to turn the heating up a little – when actually just adding another layer will save energy and money.

“Since people tend to use the kettle more often in breaks or at half time, they shouldn’t be tempted to fill the kettle to the top if they only intend to pour one cup, instead they should just boil the water needed. These are tactics people should employ as much as they can at all times, but during times of increased usage such as this, it should be an extra consideration. Even using energy saving light bulbs is a quick and effective change people can make,” he added.

As a sustainable energy company, green energy uk supplies 100 per cent green electricity to both domestic and business customers. It buys energy from a wide range of sustainable sources including solar, wind and free falling water as well as more unusual ones such as pig waste! By making them shareholders in the company, green energy uk encourages customers to take an active role in the business.

Doug concluded: “In addition to the energy saving tips, people can consider switching to green energy – a gesture that will yield benefits way beyond 2012!”

For further information about green energy uk, to find out about how to make an energy switch energy switch or to get a competitive business electricity quote visit www.greenenergyuk.com.

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