Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Blue Skies Provide The Latest In Eco Water Systems In Time For The Hosepipe Ban

Leading garden irrigation company Blue Skies are advising home owners to invest in the eco Dripline Irrigation Systems which are exempt from the imminent hosepipe ban. Using the Dripper Hose allows the slow release of water through water regulated emitters inserted within the hose, ensuring every drop of water is used efficiently by placing the hose close to the stems or roots of the plants shrubs or trees, without wasting a drop on weeds and pathways.

Rainwater is far healthier for the garden, is natural, does not produce limescale and is free of chemicals. Harvesting rainwater with a Water Butt combined with the Dripline Irrigation System, rainwater is distributed on a timed system and hidden from sight .

Water Butts used to be unsightly, however, they are now in various shapes and are easy to hide. The water storage systems are raised off the ground, enabling access to the tank by a tap at the bottom of the container for easy water dispensing. Solar Powered Pumps are now installed to dispense water around the garden, and if reports are to be believed, we are in for a hot summer, these are by far the most eco savvy solutions - easy to use and hassle free, the solar panel works off the Water Butt and pumps the water around the garden. The ultimate in harnessing nature's elements and re-using them.

Buckinghamshire-based Blue Skies Water Systems are a company selling garden irrigation and rainwater harvesting equipment. Also working as landscapers, they have an extensive knowledge of gardens and landscapes and have been installing irrigation systems for many years.

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Website: www.blueskieswatersystems.com

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