Sunday, 25 March 2012

Oil Recovery by Crown Oil Wins Environmental Award Recognition

A winner, Crown Oil, is celebrating the HazardEx Award for Environmental Contribution to Industry. Without any spillage, Crown Oil removed and recycled 6.4 million litres of gas oil from Derwent Power Station in a carefully managed operation needing over 200 tanker movements.

Mark Andrews, general manager, said, “Fuel and transport oils are our main business; we aim to be responsible and minimise our environmental impact in everything we do. This award is something that all the team can be very proud of.

Crown Oil is one of only a handful of companies in the UK with the technical, commercial and logistical skills to do oil recovery work on this scale. The Environmental Services Division schedules each recovery operation with care. Fuel transfers are monitored to prevent spillage. Tank residues are removed at the end of major pumping operations. The tanks are then either de-gassed and cleaned in preparation for future use or cut up and removed from site. Crown Oil’s dedicated laboratory analyses the recovered fuel and will recommend re-blending if necessary before re-sale to the market.

“Large industrial gas users, like power stations, face challenges following the termination of the interruptible gas tariff,” Mark explained. “Large stocks of reserve gas oil that are no longer needed will deteriorate with time to become an environmental hazard.”

Crown Oil has a number of environmental initiatives. They opened an environmentally friendly HQ just last year. The company carbon offset their own transport fleet so that all deliveries to site are carbon free. Additionally, users such as builders and plant operators who use red diesel have an option to totally carbon offset their fuel. Crown Oil also has a high grade bio-fuel derived from 100 percent sustainable sources that is ideal for use in combined heat and power (CHP) plant. This enables users to collect maximum renewable obligation certificates (ROCs) to offset against other carbon producing activity.

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