Monday, 7 May 2012

Painting, but do it with a Conscience!

eicó has launched a brand new paint range, eicó Zero VOC, that not only offers superior quality to interior walls, but reassuringly contains no VOCs, whatsoever!

What are VOCs? They are Volatile Organic Compounds are the harmful toxins most paints emit when liquid turns to solids, ie. when the paint dries. These toxins can linger for several weeks after application. Independent tests conclude the new eicó Zero VOC contains 0% VOCs.

Why are VOCs harmful? Toxins are not only harmful to the environment but to the chemically sensitive too. Asthma suffers, those with respiratory problems, eye, nose and throat irritations or allergies will all benefit from using eicó Zero VOC paints in their homes. eicó Zero VOC also offers peace of mind for parents too as the perfect choice when decorating children's bedrooms and nurseries.

Other benefits: Despite its green credentials, eicó doesn't compromise on quality and offers an extensive range of hard wearing, stunning colour options to suit the home.
RRP: From £11.95   0845 073 9432, to learn more about painting, but with a conscience!

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  1. Switching from your conventional paint to eco-friendly paint can prevent you from inhaling cancer causing chemicals that are formed when paint is mixed with phenol and formaldehyde.