Sunday, 13 May 2012

Productivity Stifled by Companies Overlooking the Environment

Companies and organisations that don’t take their environmental responsibilities seriously enough are less likely to benefit from a productive and motivated workforce, a study has revealed.

Commissioned as part of Green Office Week, which begins today, Monday 14th May, the study of 1,000 office workers demonstrates that over half of the UK’s office workers feel they would be happier and more productive at work if the companies they work for were more supportive of their efforts to be green.

UK workers are twice as likely to be green at home as they are at work and eight out of ten Britons said they were disappointed that their company didn’t lead the way with more green initiatives.

Despite the clear link between being green and being happy, 41% of office workers said they had previously found themselves in an awkward situation with their bosses simply for trying to positively implement green practices at work.

One in ten said they are actively discouraged from recycling at work by their company, meaning that while the nation happily recycles and conserves energy at home, when getting to work these efforts are undermined.

A further 40% say they would avoid suggesting greener working initiatives because they wouldn’t want to be seen as ‘nagging’, which could reflect badly on their career prospects.

And, one in ten office workers go as far as stating they would look for another job if they felt their company’s environmental efforts were not being taken seriously enough.

A staggering 60% of office workers say they are influenced on whether to apply for a job or not by a company’s environmental credentials, meaning companies who don’t take the environment seriously may be missing out on top working talent.

Time for Change
Green Office Week’s Gregg Corbett said: “These findings demonstrate that many UK companies still think that they don’t have the time or finances to implement greener working practices into how they operate. This is despite evidence demonstrating that being green can bring real cost-saving and productivity benefits to companies.”

“We spend a third of our lives at work and more than half of UK workers feel they would be noticeably happier and more positive if it was easier for them to be more environmentally friendly. With this in mind, there’s never been a better time for change.”

Bigger and better than ever before, Green Office Week 2012 features a unique Green League with points and prizes for the greenest UK workers and a special Junk Modelling Challenge that will prove being green can be great fun too.

Full of hints and tips to help you and your business green your workplace, the week’s daily themes will help guide you on some of the most important things you can practically implement. To find out more about Green Office Week 2012, simply register at

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