Thursday, 24 January 2013

LED Hut and the eco-friendly LED bulbs

That's Green has been invited to road test some LED bulbs by the LED Hut.

Having had experience with the replacements for ordinary incandescent light bulbs I was slightly sceptical about eco-friendly light bulbs of any kind. As was my wife, too.

However as soon as we had replaced our halogen spotlights with the LED spotlights, we both realised that, in this instance, our scepticism had been totally unwarranted!

We noticed a very tiny lag between switching the lights on and them being up to full brilliance. So tiny that it is barely noticeable.

We also noticed that the light from the replacement LED bulbs was far better than that we obtained with the halogen bulbs. It seemed brighter and, for want of a better term, more even, too.

The fittings no longer get hot and we are impressed by the potential money we will be saving with the lights in just one room.

Not only will these lights save us money (up to £100 per year in energy costs alone!) we seemed to be forever replacing the halogen spotlights in our living room. But the LED bulbs will last for a staggering 50,000 hours. And that's a very pleasing 50x longer than a standard bulb!

And they will also help you and your family reduce your carbon footprint, which has got to be good for the environment!

The bulbs we are using cost £11.70 each but will last 50x longer than a standard bulb, so do keep that in mind when you make comparisons.

To find out more visit

They also offer trade services, too, so if you operate a business that could be selling high quality and genuinely eco-friendly LED lights to your customers, visit their website or call their multilingual service line on 01534 764778.

(That's Green would like to offer our sincere praise and thanks for helping us run this feature.)

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