Sunday, 29 September 2013

Ecotricity announces energy price freeze until New Year

Ecotricity, Britain’s first green energy company, is today announcing a price freeze on their electricity and gas tariffs until the New Year, with reports that the Big Six energy companies are going to boost their prices by 8%.

The Gloucestershire-based firm had already revealed it would cut the price of its 100% Green Electricity tariff from Tuesday 1st October, to undercut the standard tariffs of the Big Six energy companies, which until now it had always price matched.

Now Ecotricity are going one step further and promising their 100% Green Electricity tariff and Green Gas tariff would be frozen until 2014, further undercutting the Big Six which are expected to raise the price of supplying their non-green electricity in the coming weeks. 

Dale Vince, Ecotricity founder, said: “we’ve already taken the step of slightly lowering electricity bills for our customers from October 1st,  now we are going further and freezing our gas and electricity prices until the New Year.

“With the Big Six expected to raise prices in the coming weeks, what was originally a modest reduction in price, should quickly become a more significant saving.

“People often assume that green energy is more expensive. But most households in Britain are actually on a standard tariff – so millions of households could get 100% green electricity for less than the price they pay for electricity from the Big Six.

“Around 40% of our electricity supply is self-generated by our own fleet of wind and sun parks, and we have planning permission to more than double that supply in the near future – this degree of energy independence now means we can be price independently. 

Ecotricity’s Ethical Price Promise ensures all of its electricity customers get the same 100% Green Electricity tariff and Green Gas tariff at the same, best price, regardless of when they signed up or how they pay. 

Dale continued: “In addition, if and when we do raise prices next year, we promise that it will be by less than the Big Six will raise their prices by in the coming weeks, so we further widen the gap between ourselves and the conventional energy companies.

“We have one simple electricity tariff and will continue to invest more per customer in new sources of renewable energy, and we are now moving further away from the price of the Big Six standard tariffs too. 

“Our work is aimed at bringing about an energy independent Britain, and as a green energy company we want to demonstrate how this can be achieved – the more of our own energy we produce through our own renewable sources, the greater we’ll be able to shield our customers from price hikes that come with an over-reliance on fossil fuels. It’s all part of our vision for a Green Britain.” 

On average, Ecotricity spends more per customer on building new sources of green energy than all other energy providers in Britain put together – on average, over the last nine years, this has equated to almost £300 per customer. 

The company currently powers over 75,000 homes and businesses and this year obtained permission for what will be the fourth largest wind park in England, at Heckington Fen in Lincolnshire.

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