Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Shade Greener now generating power on our roof

The whole process from the initial contact to the final installation was a relatively pain-free experience.

We had an initial visit from a surveyor who informed us that as we were only a few degrees off due south, that we would be ideal for an installation of solar cells.

A couple of weeks later we had a visit for us to sign the necessary paperwork and less than a week later a team of experienced scaffold erectors put the scaffolding up in the rear garden in preparation for the solar panel team to come several days later.

On Saturday the solar panel team arrived at about 9am and they set to work putting up the mounts for the solar panels.

Mid-morning they began to place the solar panels on the roof and soon the specialist electrician arrived and started to do his thing.

By just after 1pm all was done, the panels were installed, the wiring and control systems were operational and the solar panels were already producing electrical power.

So the That's Green Solar Power Station is already operational and feeding green energy into the National Grid.

And the total cost to us? Zero. That's right, not a penny and we can use the electricity or roof's solar panels is generating.

And as my wife remarks: "We weren't using our roof for anything, so why not rent it out for someone to generate electricity with?"

Want to know how you can own your own rooftop solar power station for free? Please email and we will tell you how.


  1. I am now charging my razor and my Chromebook with the free power of the sun!