Sunday, 22 February 2015

Solar panels on our roof? That's a Shade Greener, then!

Research by one of the UKs top free solar installer A Shade Greener shows that solar could be the answer to rising energy bills.

Research shows that energy prices doubled from 1990 to 2011.

This had had an impact on many consumers,  leaving them struggling to pay their energy bills along with rising food prices, etc.

So, what can be done? A typical solar electric system has been shown to cut a households electric bill by an average of 37% ( reducing the typical UK energy bill by £197 based on 2011 DECC figures.

The current availability of free solar, the drop in solar costs over recent years and and the Government Green Deal means consumers have a range of options to use solar PV at home.

Energy costs are predicted to rise significantly over the next 25 years, the typical household electricity bill is expected to break the eye watering £1,000 mark before then.

Stewart Davies, Director of A Shade Greener said: "Energy bills are only going to get more expensive and we need to be helping households that spend a large proportion of their household income on energy. Solar can help insulate those families against these inevitable price rises."

Stewart went on to say: "According to our figures a typical household could save nearly £5,000 on their energy bills over a typical 25 year solar pv system lifetime based on 2011 figures provided by DECC. Our customers are currently saving a combined 1.7 million pounds a year on their electricity bills."

Intrigued by the offers of A Shade Greener, That's Green has decided to put this whole thing to the test.

We have had the initial survey by A Shade Greener undertaken  (a painless and highly professional experience)  and with the news that out roof is only 6 degrees off due south, we decided to take the plunge and lease the space above our roof to A Shade Greener.

My wife shrugged her shoulders and said: "I have never been on our roof, I have never used our roof, so why not let someone else make use if it to generate free electricity?"

We spoke with someone who lives in a house nearby who has also had A Shade Greener fit a solar system. He reports that the work was undertaken with no fuss and no mess in a very short period of time.

We will report back to readers of That's Green and let you know how we get on.

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