Saturday, 6 August 2011

Delivery Parcel Service ParcelsPlease welcomes fact that more firms are becoming greener

Environmentally aware firm ParcelsPlease, a UK-wide parcel delivery service for UK, Europe and Worldwide parcels (the B2C trading division of Consolidated Carriers Ltd), were one of the first UK logistics companies to be awarded a carbon neutral footprint, achieving ISO 14001 approval.

ParcelsPlease have praised many companies that are now following suit, and are very excited about other companies now increasing their involvement in reducing carbon emissions. Being accredited as carbon neutral has never been more important. Lately, there has been widespread acknowledgement that consumers are more aware and carbon literate, therefore basing their brand choices when buying products or services.

Many people when buying products are now looking to ensure they have as minimal a carbon footprint as possible. Recent studies by Carbon Trust have shown that 45% of shoppers would stop buying products from companies that are not taking measures to help reduce their carbon footprint, increasing from 22% the previous year.

A spokesperson from ParcelsPlease points out: “Being green needn't be cost plus, and being green should not mean there's a need for a premium price for consumers. We have chosen to collaborate with 'Global Trees' to help our customers further and enable the choice to contribute and help make their orders with us carbon neutral.”

The company still manages to offer customers some of the most competitive online quotes for next day timed deliveries.

Carbon Trust have also stated that 65% of all UK emissions are created by businesses. Therefore, measures must be taken to match the necessary 3.1% per annum reduction required to reach the target for 2050.

Consolidated Carriers Ltd, owners of ParcelsPlease have adopted a green ethos throughout the company by implementing environmental policies, suggesting that focus is on not solely on the services themselves.

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